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Download 2013 NYC Tax Commission Forms: MS-Word and PDF Formats

Income and Expense Attachments to Applications

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Order an Expert Assessment Analysis

If you wish to have a professional analysis of your property tax assessment the fee is $25.00 per parcel in New York City. This analysis may also be presented at a Tax Commission hearing for reduction of your assessment. Order your analysis today and pay $25.00 per parcel in New York City.

RPIE Filing by September First

Real Property Income and Expense Statement (RPIE)
It is imperative that an RPIE be filed on all class 2, 3 and 4 properties that are:
The City has a right to impose a fine for non-filers and may increase the assessment. Late filers will face a penalty of 3% of the Actual Assessed Value of their property if not filed by September 1 each year.

Need help filing?

You can file on your own or our professionals can file your RPIE's for you to avoid potential penalties and save you money on property taxes. The information you provide on the RPIE is the basis for valuation on the next assessment roll. Knowing what income and expense items to include or exclude are essential to a correct assessment. Our fee for filing the RPIE is $25.00.

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