Can They Count? 1, 2, 3, 5 Stories.

some text Incompetence abounds in the Department of Finance Borough Assessment Offices. In this example a Manhattan assessor certified under oath that he/she inspected the building to the right and that it is a 5 story multiple dwelling. Check it out yourself. The building is located at 471 West 22 Street in Manhattan.

Can They Do Simple Multiplication?

Finance Department records indicate a building 17’wide by 54’ deep with a Gross Building Area of 9,000 square feet. Mathematically impossible!

Do the math; 17 x 54 x 4 = __________ . And 5 does not work either.

Do the math; 17 x 54 x 5 = __________ .

These are some of the many assessment errors that our firm has uncovered.

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